Lousy Neighbors

Lousy Neighbors

For those of you who haven't heard yet our store will be closing as of Oct. 1st...

We were just as shocked as you guys with this news. I was actually at the print shop when my landlord called to tell me we had 30 Days to be out. This all happened so fast. The feeling of someone just pulling the rug from underneath your feet is never fun. Although the noise complaints were an ongoing thing I guess I just never realized how serious the matter was. 

The shop is all I've known for the past 3 years, so it's a bitter sweet situation. RVRND will still be available online. Back to square one, but even though the shop will be gone I know the support is and always will be there. We will also be holding pop-up shops periodically throughout the seasons. 

It's crazy to think about all the memories we made here at this location. You all have shown the shop so much love it's crazy. The shop has been just as much yours as it has been mine. 

I decided to turn the negative into a positive. That's where the "lousy neighbors" shirts come into play. They will be releasing this Friday 09.20.19 at 6pm-9pm. The official last event ever at this location. If you are not local or not going to be in the area the shirts are available online for purchase and will be shipped out Monday 09.23.19

Click the link below to shop. 



As always I appreciate all of your guys' continued support!

The end to the beginning....

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