I Lost My Friends To The Internet

I Lost My Friends To The Internet

When I first started thinking of this concept was roughly about 3 years ago. I made the design slapped it on a t-shirt mock up, a pullover mock up and let it sit in my computer over these 3 years. Like many of the content or designs I put out just like any other creator there is a moment of hesitation into how will this be depicted. Will it go over peoples heads or would it be reciprocated in the right context. What do you immediately think of reading the words "I lost my friends to the internet?

The first thought that comes to mind is where I can think back to skateboarding around my hometown Lompoc, CA or just making my way to the local skatepark to meet up with my friends. Knocking on a homies door and seeing if they were home and simply had nothing planned for the day. If you think back that is how we all connected back in the day before the internet. I can speak for myself I've always been one to want to connect with others. For me I believe it had to do with not feeling I had a connection at home growing up. 

Then I remember the day my Dad came home from work with a box I had never seen before and it was a computer tower and monitor his co-worker had given him. That was the day I remember changing a lot for the household. After 4pm everyday like clock work you'd hear the dial up dial-tone connection firing up and the monitor screen lit up with the AOL logos across the screen. These are the moments I remember and fast forward from there it was AIM, MySpace, FaceBook, and IG etc. At that point it's kind of like pick your poison or your connection. We can't sit here and say we don't all somehow someway seek a connection from others. I'd be a hypocrite if I sat here and said I'm not guilty of not being stuck on my phone instead of paying attention of what's in front of me.  

I myself have lost friends and relationships due to social media. Without notice the internet and the acceptance of others had ruined connections I had made with people in real life. Once you get to thinking of how the internet may or may not affected your life in some form. I put this project together to make people think about the connection you have right in front of you - best part is that you don't have to log in to what is in front of you. The imagery of this drop is the running man is still chasing a connection. That "connection" brings all of us here reading this post. RVRND, is our connection to each other and I am beyond thankful for all the new and old memories we have created over the decade together. I hope in turn this motivates you to put the phone down and go make a real connection with your world today... drop coming soon...

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