10 years... it's crazy typing this knowing I've been blessed enough to have been able to carry this out this far as an independent brand. When it comes to operations behind the scenes of the brand it's just myself. When it comes to being a "brand" it's all of YOU. I honestly could give two sh*ts about being cool or hyped when it comes to putting out product. This brand was created to be a product of our reality. Everything that I have ever released had to do with what was going on in my life or what inspired me at the time. A downside to creating on your own is when something personal happens in your life you tend to "shut off" and RVRND goes on a hiatus.

I've been sitting on this design for nearly 2 years since the last days in the shop in 2019. The design sat on an USB drive until recently. The Hi Score reads the date we placed our first order for 12 t-shirts 06.11.2011. The rest since then is history and a lot of memories we all created together in a 10 year journey we've been on together. I had something happen recently in my life that I never fathomed ever happening or didn't ever want happening. Which ultimately led to me placing this order. This one is for you G... 10 years down and I'm about to go harder than ever for you.

This design means the world to me simply because of my day to day routine I would end it playing video games with you. I felt it was judge free or being in a free space is when I would play games and vent with you. Not only is this significant in the matter of the game of clothing industry I've been playing with all the games that come with owning a brand in the past 10 years.

It just hits deeper knowing I have to press start without you. 





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