Clawed Our Way To 3 Years

Clawed Our Way To 3 Years

Bare with me as this is probably the first thing I've typed up since high school...

Writing the title for this blog post doesn't actually feel real, except it is. When I first opened the store back in August 2016 I would've never guessed we'd still be going 3 years down the road. I say this not because I didn't believe in the venture, but just the financing behind the actual store. I started the store with only $5,000 and no business experience. Not only that, but we are based in a small town (Lompoc, CA) with a population around 43,000+ people if that. When you sit down and do the math of people who are actually interested in the streetwear/skate scene it's not many. I will say that a small amount of people I've met through the shop share those same interests as me which lead the shop to seeing 3 years of life. It's been quite interesting seeing this little store in a small town build a small sub-culture within our community. 

The end of our 1st Anniversary Event Aug. 11th 2017

"Photos" Event

"Photos" Event Oct. 13th 2017

The end of our "Cold Summer" Drop June 7th 2019


This year was a little different then the earlier years. I say that with positivity behind it. This is the year I decided to transition the shop to soley only selling RVRND products. In previous years RVRND had out sold all our other vendors. Not the fact that the other brands weren't selling. I see it as people within our little community we built together feel attached to the brand just as much as I do. One thing about RVRND's supporters is they have been there since day one. You guys are like family to me. It has been surreal with the amount of love and support you guys have shown the brand/myself. From asking for signed T-shirts or skateboards to always being here for the shop/brand events. It's just been an overall blessing.

Go Skate Day 2019

The shop has seen the worst of days multiple times over the years. Somehow we always managed to come out on top. You know the sang, " God wouldn't give you anything you couldn't handle", well at times I would feel like that was just complete bullsh*t. One thing that was very important over the course of time was never giving up. I couldn't and still won't just throw in the towel. We also don't need to.

I will be 100% transparent with you guys on this blog post. I have started to contemplate that maybe this little town might not be the best place for a brand to prosper. I just couldn't imagine not having the store front in Lompoc. I've shared this with a couple of you guys when you ask whats next. You've all had the same or similar answers, "that be weird" or "nah the town needs something like this". I will say the store isn't going anywhere yet. 

My son and I on opening day Aug. 26th 2016

My son and I on our grand opening Aug. 26th 2016

I am beyond grateful for all your continued support over the years 3 years to be exact, but...


Whats next?


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